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PRIMARY 4 - w/e 15/11/19 Written by and for P4

It was Remembrance Week and we learned about the poppy and learned a verse each of In Flanders Fields by John McCrae.  For anti-bullying week, through our short read we learned about the effects bullying can have on young people, like not sleeping and not wanting to come to school even. This is very sad.

For Handwriting, Mrs King will remind families about home access to Letter join. Riley and Liam use this for practice to keep their writing neat and legible.

In Maths we have been giving the links between numbers using symbols of < and > and =. Tips to help us decide the < or > sign were: jaws of a greedy crocodile wanting to eat up the big numbers. Also, the small part of the symbol < is always near the smaller number like this example 12< 20.

For IDL through writing, our focus was on writing a report about the effects of climate change on Bangladesh and we learned about a 9-year old Bangladeshi girl. We worked in 4 separate groups then joined our ideas on the big posters and hung them around the room. For writing we can sit or lie wherever we like as long as we are on task, as Mrs King says it is better to be comfortable, so we find this exciting.

We learned about inference skills, which is a bit like being a detective. Mrs King even gave us a quote from her own daughter which was quite funny. We also know about basic pronouns, exclamation marks and question marks. Our favourite remains the … ellipsis – so far! Our sound of ‘ie’ as in pie not ‘ie’ like in field has different spellings like ‘‘igh’ – night, ‘y’ – spy, ‘i-e’ – fire.  We all like to diacritically mark our words.

A few photos are attached from this week and last week showing our planning for a report, our SSPCA visit, when we a robot and an outdoor learning trip, where Igor discovered the age of a tree by counting the rings.That’s all for now – have a fab weekend. P4 and Mrs King

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