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13.9.19 "We have had a very busy but fun week!" Lily

P6 2.3.20
On Monday we got introduced to Leader In Me. The first habit is Be Proactive

On Tuesday we Learned only a bit about habit 2 begin with the end in mind because we had PE and outdoor learning.At outdoor learning we lit a fire and had Marshmallows.

On Wednesday we learned about habit 3 put first things first we learned that more important things go first.

On Thursday we learned about habit 4 think win win

On Friday we learned about emotional bank accounts.We also had art and some of us went to Football ⚽.


On Wednesday went to camp and had a tour around the house. We had to make our beds before we went on the forest walk.

Thursday we went rock climbing and when we came back we had lunch then dorm time then we had a shower and came down for dinner

Friday we went canoeing in the loch. When we came in we went up to our dorms and got ready for weaselling. After weaselling we came back to Ardmay House for lunch and then we went home. We had a perfect time


Emil’s Blog: 02/03/2020 – 06/03/2020

This week and next week we have done and will do something by the name of ‘Leader in Me.’ Leader in Me is a program that… well… teaches us about the fact there is a leader in everyone. We had an assembly every day (other than Thursday) about each day’s habit

Monday: Habit 1 – Be Pro-Active
We found out that ‘Being Pro-Active’ means that you can control yourself and make good decisions. We did a short drama show about how you react to situations pro-actively and re-actively. We also had art and used ink to make trees.

Tuesday: Habit 2 – Begin With the End in Mind
We learned that you have to think about the future when you start. We had a double P.E. slot and we made a fire and made toasted marshmallows.

Wednesday: Habit 3 – Put First Things First
We learned how to prioritise. We also had committees.

Thursday and Friday: Habit 4 – Think Win-Win
We learned you should think win-win. We also learned about Lose-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Lose and No Deal. We read a story called ‘The Rainbow Fish.’ We had to figure out if the situation was a WW, WL, LL, LW or No Deal. On Thursday we had music and a general knowledge quiz and on Friday we talked a bit about Covid-19 and hygiene, and for art we made patterns on polystyrene.
P6 blog 25.10.19
Fabian and Emil – Blog 25/10/2019
Tuesday: We started to learn the words to the hymn ‘Jesus the Healer’
Wednesday: For homework we got to learn the words to the hymn
‘Jesus The Healer’
We got new SODA (start of day activity) booklets
Thursday: We planned and wrote a story about our “heroes”.
A professional singer helped us learn the words to ‘Jesus the Healer’
We learned how to calculate area using cm2
Friday: We played a multiplication game with a partner
We did writing about a hero we aspire to be like when we grow up I chose (TAYAB Rohld Dahl)(Shawn my brother)
We also learned measuring area that we linked with multiplications
The primary 7s made an assembly about there trip to camp
We did writing about a hero we aspire to be when we grow up I chose (TAYAB Rohld Dahl)(Shawn my brother)
We also learned measuring area that we linked with multiplications
The primary 7s made an assembly about there trip to camp
Patryk k,Zoya, Filip. 25.10.19
On Tuesday we learned the song Jesus the healer
For maths we were learning about areas
For writing we wrote about our heroes.
I learned my football skills on Friday 25.10.19
At P.E we played badminton
Mrs Clark bought us a new tent for the story corner
Marcin 23.10.19
On Thursday we started to learn Jesus the healer
Next Tuesday we going to do outdoor learning
Patryks blog 4/10/19
Today we linked measuring with spelling by writing elkonin boxes and measured them
On Tuesday we did partitioning but I was off sick
On Thursday we wrote a creative story about a tale of two Poggles
And on Wednesday I was off sick as well

13/9/19. This weeks blog
Sandra. 8 people from our class Sandra, Zoya Adele Fabian,Milena,Lily,Patryk K, and Emil went to the Edinburgh church with St Marys.
We did spelling oi and oy with Miss Foresti.
We also did a hand writing sheet there was an easy sheet and a hard sheet.
We did committees in different classrooms.
We also did boost words.
Today we went outside and first we did a daily mile and then we played games at stations.
We also did posters for the Worlds Biggest Coffee morning we are so excited.
We did Samson work sheets as well with Mrs Clark
On Wednesday we did Committees at 2:45 in the afternoon.
We did Eric reading books.
We also talked with Mrs Potter about being prefects and to be responsible to be one and what a good prefect looks like.
13.9.19 Tayab:
This week we were doing bunting for the coffee morning with Mrs Potter and we were talking about things prefects should do and what makes a good prefect.
We were also doing our spelling when we thought of oi and oy
Lily. Friday 13th Sep
Yesterday Mrs Potter came into our class because Mrs Clark was at a course. We mostly did activities about the Macmillan Coffee Morning which you should come along to on Friday 27th Sep at 9:30 – 11-30. We also did a lot on prefects by doing carousel questions. Carousel questions is where there is a question on each table so you move around in a group and answer all the questions.
This week our spelling focus is the oi/oy sound. Miss Foresti wrote all the words we came up with on the big whiteboard some of our best ones were redeploy, disjointed, ointment and poisoning.
Some of us went to a mass in Edinburgh including me, Patryk k, Zoya, Sandra, Milena, Adele and Emil. The mass was for Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. There were a lot of primary and high schools there. I was very happy to see my buddy from when I was in Primary 1 there! It was a really good mass in my opinion. St. Mary’s Primary school were on the same bus as us. Which was quite fun (it was very loud). The teachers who came with us were Miss Smyth and Mrs Clark. At the mass there was a lovely choir and band.
We have had a very busy but fun week!

Friday 13th of September Milena and Zoya
Today is Roald Dahl day.
Yesterday with Mrs Potter we made little flags for the Macmillan coffee morning ☕we are so excited for the coffee morning.
We wrote shopping lists for things for the coffee morning.
We did the oi and oy sound with Miss Foresti .
On Monday some children from P6 went to St Marys cathedral in Edinburgh for St Theresa of Lisieux or the little flower Jesus.
Today P4, p5 and p6 went out to the playground and played lots of activities.
We also had the committees the committees which are fun, honesty, friendship, respect ,nurture and love.
Patryk Kolak 13.9.19
On Thursday we did bunting for the Macmillan coffee morning with Mrs Potter for the gym hall
We are also learning the phoneme oy and oi
For homework we are writing a recipe for something that we can bake/do for our Macmillan coffee morning
On Monday and Tuesday for P.E we were working on teamwork and played some fun games.
Also 8 people went to Edinburgh cathedral including me
This week was fun
This week we did all of these things:
On Thursday, we had Mrs Potter and Mrs Butcher and we did bunting & planned for the MacMillan Coffee Morning.
And on Wednesday we got homework that was just kind of hard.
Also on Thursday again we did spelling for the phoneme “oi” and “oy”
Marcin 13.9.19
We did committees, we did spelling and Samson maths
Craig: 13.9.19
This week we have been getting ready for the Macmillan coffee morning we were thinking of what we could bring and we were doing bunting for it as well. For homework we have to write down a recipe of what we could have for the coffee morning. Our parents can make things for our coffee morning
Filip –
Me,Fabian, Patryk k and Marcin made the worlds biggest coffee morning poster
I finally learned takeaway maths
EMIL 13.09.2019
We completed our posters for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.
We made bunting (floating triangles) for our Macmillan Coffee Morning.
Also, please come at the 27th of September. Thanks.
The water fountain broke.
We came up with boost words from our group reading books. (Dinner Ladies Don’t Count, Danny: Champion of the World)
Our boost words are superior, grabs, heaved, scooped, ravenous, glimpse and possessed.
Patryk C 13.09.19
We deigned bunting for the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September.
On Wednesday we got homework that we had to write a recipe
On our spelling we had to write as many words with the sound oi and oy.
I really like to do handwriting we also did like oi oy words and we did hooks to interest the readers

The school are hosting a family fun afternoon on Friday 20/9/19 It will be a Fundraiser – an online Quiz from 1-3pm. We will need teams of 4 or more with a tablet or phone (school will have some iPad too). To play, download Speed Quizzing app. More on the school app and in the letter issued. (Spare letters are in the classroom if you want another)

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